Manual Handling

1/2 Day Course

Each year the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) confirms that the manual lifting of heavy or awkward loads is one of the most common causes of workplace injuries.

Would you like to learn Manual Handling ?

Under Health and Safety legislation, employers must organise work so that manual handling of loads is avoided wherever possible. When it is unavoidable, the work must be planned, or equipment provided to reduce the risk of injury.

This Course running over 3 – 4 hours is designed to provide you with the knowledge, practical skills and understanding required to conduct safe lifting & movement of loads in the workplace in Compliance with the requirements of the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Regulations 2007.

Course Content :

  • Manual Handling Legislation.

  • Anatomy of the spine / Protecting your back.

  • Mechanism of injury.

  • Ergonomics & Mechanical Principles.

  • Safe Lifting & Carrying of Loads.

  • Single & Multiple person lifting.

  • Risk Assessment of Specific Hazards relevant to the home & workplace.

Venue :

Maltings House, Coote Street, Portlaoise.

Day : Saturday’s 10 am – 1 pm

Evening Course: Thursday’s 7pm-10pm

Cost :

Contact us.
Price includes: Tuition, Course Training Manual, & Assessment.

Successful candidates will receive a Certificate in Manual Handling

Fee Payment Policy

  • Allocation of all course places are subject to payment of a booking deposit. Course places will not be held until this payment is received in full.
  • Students will not be permitted entry on to programmes until booking deposit and Registration fee are paid.
  • The balance of course fees must then be paid by 5 monthly installments, students will be issued a payment schedule by mail at the beginning of the course, and all further correspondence will be made via email/text.
  • Students will not be registered for examinations, or permitted to undertake examinations until course fees have been paid in full.

Refund Policy:

  • Maltings Training will do everything in its power to ensure that applicants are fully aware of the content and detail of all programmes of study before application for same. This will be achieved through the use of our website, through information packs, telephone assistance, and where relevant information evenings. Candidates with particular learning requirements will be accommodated sensitively. Those who consider the require special assistance or have a previously identified learning difficulty are obliged to notify this in writing to Maltings Training on application for a course place.
  • Once candidates commence on a programme of study, refunds will not be made if for any reason the applicant then decides not to continue with the programme.
  • Booking deposits paid to reserve course places are non refundable (see note 1 below).
  • Course fees paid in advance of course start date, over and above the booking deposit will be refunded to the applicant if the applicant cannot pursue the programme due to work / family / health reasons, these must be submitted in documented format.
  • Once applicants commence a programme of study all fees due by that date will not be refunded.


Maltings Training reserves the right to cancel or defer programmes deemed to be non viable, or unsuitable to run at that particular time. In this event applicants will be notified by telephone or mail and offered the following choices : a). To have their deposit refunded in full. b). To retain their application on file and roll over their deposit to the next c). To transfer their booking deposit to another Maltings Training available start date.Programme of study.

Assessment/Examination Policy:

  • Each module will be assessed by continuous assessment/assignment.
  • Students will be notified of upcoming assessments via email/text or respective tutor.
  • The student must notify the respective tutor if for any reason they are unable to attend the assessment or submit an assignment; in this case documentary evidence e.g. Medical certificate must be provided.
  • The student must sit the assessment on the next scheduled timetable date for the module, failure to do so will warrant a fail in that assessment
  • Students will only be permitted to progress to the Personal Trainer Element (Level 2) if all continuous assessments /assignments have been completed and successfully passed.
  • Repeat/missed assessment must be completed a minimum of 3 weeks prior to Personal Trainer element (Level 2).
  • The pass mark in all assessment is 50%. Students who repeat failed assessment will be capped at 50%.

Practical Skills Examination:

  • Personal Trainer Element (Level 2) Students must submit their client project on day of practical skills examination. Students will not be permitted to do their practical examination if project is not submitted to the examiners on the day.
  • Candidates will be allocated an appointed examination time for be date for their practical examination. If for any reason this time is unsuitable it must be notified in writing immediately to Maltings Training.
  • Candidates who do not show for practical examinations will have their examination time voided and be liable for a rescheduled examination fee.
  • Results of project and practical skills examinations will be formatted and a grade awarded accordingly, Notification of grade will be notified via email and certificates will be forwarded by mail.
  • All results will be tabulated by Maltings Office on an appropriate examination broadsheet. This will be forwarded to respective awarding bodies e.g. ACE
  • Certificates will be issued to the students upon successful completion of the programme by Maltings Training, or other respective body e.g. ACE either by email/mail
  • Where students are unsuccessful in particular elements of examination Maltings training will communicate this to the student directly, and inform them of the course of action t be taken to retake the examination, or outstanding course-work to be completed
  • Note: a resit fee / administration fee may apply in this case
  • If for any reason students do not sit for the scheduled ACE written examinations of the programmes for which they are registered, they can on one occasion only roll over to the next scheduled examination date without incurring any additional fees upon furnishing a valid legitimate reason in writing. Taking the exam on any subsequent occasion will be subject to the appropriate examination Fee.

ACE Written Examination:

  • All candidates who wish to undertake the ACE written examination must complete the appropriate ACE registration form and forward to Maltings Training together with a copy of a current CPR certificate valid after the date of ACE examination.

What requirements are needed for this course?

There are no prior qualifications needed for this course. Participants should be physically well enough to carry out the safe moving and handling of objects.

Who is this course for?

This course is for people who want to learn how to move objects safely in a variety of settings.

How long is this course?

The Manual Handling course is a half day in duration.


Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be issued with a certificate that is vaild for two years.